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Under resourced?

Declining sales?

Excessive development times?

Poor product reliability?

Under resourced?

We can help

We are diverse consultancy and can help you with

Portfolio Management

Our Industry experts can help your business devise and optimise product portfolios, along with the management processes required to ensure a healthy mix for business growth and longevity

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Project Management

We can help implement, refine and support project management organisations suited for your business industry, size and culture, ensuring enhancements with timely delivery, project robustness and cost savings

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New Product Innovation

With our detailed insight, experience and success dealing with large manufacturng organisations we can help optimise design processes, tools and thinking to greatly improve development time, enhanced product quality and reliability

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Sales & Marketing

We provide a multitude of strategies, training courses and campaign management techniques to  measurably  increase sales, identify new market opportunities in addition to strengthen brand presence and market position

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Our Service


Our core business is centred on providing consultation and taking organisations through our process for positive change, ranging from technical NPI improvements to implementing strategies for increased market share


In amongst our standard training packs across our specialties, we provide ad-hoc training services, designed specifically around your business needs


Need temporary resource? We may able to help , we have a range of SME contractors that are available for long-term and short-term periods


Our consultants can act as facilitators for corporate interactive workshops, ensuring full engagement so you know every ones time is contributing to a strategic goal

A little bit about us

Our mission is to improve effciency minimise costs ensure growth inspire change

Our Focus & Clients

We specialise in Engineering, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries providing a diverse range of services to help small to large sized businesses grow, build sustainable practices and become more efficient. We work with  business in defining, planning and implementing steps to bring tangible improvements that will help realise both long-term and immediate goals

Our Team

At the heart of Think Caps our success lies within our talented, experienced and multi-disciplined teams who collectively possess a great wealth of knowledge and understanding within respective fields. More importantly we have gone through the years of research and testing to measure the success of techniques, methods, processes and business structures to fully appreciate what works well where and under what conditions. This enables us to optimise solutions specifically for your business size, culture and industry.  Our goal is not to provide a textbook solution, rather a tailored solution, with all the necessary tweaks and refinements to ensure your business benefits to its full potential

Our philosophy

We maintain a simple philosophy – real world experience is what matters

In other words, our associates, partners and team are  selected on merits of relevance, up to date subject matter expertise and proven industry experience. All of which help us develop learning programmes and process content to ensure the highest possible benefits.

Our content is generated on relevance – fit for the individual purpose, with context driven scenarios and examples that mirror real world scenarios. Similarly retention of information is our top priority, engagement with the audience is the key for such success. Therefore our learning programmes and workshops are considered for scope, objectives, scale and target audience demographics before making a recommendation on a delivery medium

Our Core values

  • Reach for goals

  • Create innovative solutions

  • Inspire through learning

  • Change for lasting effect

We Promise

Our business values are the center of our operation and the defining measure of our service, built around a theme of offering flexibility for our clients. As a result, we consistently receive highly satisfied customer feedback for the level of quality, support and effective management of our initiatives. We are more than confident we can do the same for you

What our customer say about us

“Workshops can start out with the group being collectively unsure how or if the process will get to a meaningful result. Think Caps approach gave the group confidence to trust them and the process. They create a very positive, inclusive atmosphere where everybody makes a contribution. There was a good balance of allowing discussion whilst preventing too much time being spent on detail. The outcome is therefore valuable because it is probably right and likely to be believed. The process is also more likely to be widely adopted”

Chris BaileyHead of Technology

“Excellent and successful workshops”

Dave Manson Senior Project Manager

“If you have not tried the FAST technique you should, all projects will benefit and Think Caps make the sessions engaging and fun. If you are familiar with FAST then Think Caps can bring a whole new perspective and the visual out is superb.

The output provides the project team with the necessary oversight and context to drive it in the appropriate direction.

Can’t recommend Think Caps highly enough.”

Mike GillSenior PMO Manager

“I thought the facilitation was excellent – good pace and managed to keep a difficult and large crowd in focus”

Tony MurfittManufacturing Manager

“Think Caps managed a bunch of strong minded and opinionated people very well during the 3 days of the FAST analysis keeping us all on topic and on schedule. Showed good presence when we started to drift off topic and when things got tough went back to the basic principle to push through”

John Dalziel Senior Service Engineer

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